Adam Koehley is a highly regarded Marine who lives his ideal life with his wife and two children on Base in Hawaii.  He has paid his dues through several tours of war but his most recent to Iraq forces him to face his demons, a nightmare that extends far beyond the war.


Single mother Lauri Felder is jolted awake by a crash in the night and rushes to find her young son, Benny, missing.  With no evidence or leads, she is the only suspect in the kidnapping and presumed murder of her only child until an undercover detective falls for her and vows to help, but it is his testimony in court that convicts her of the crime.  Now, from behind prison walls, Lauri must fight to prove her innocence while mourning the loss of her son.


There’s a new mob boss in Sicily.  Francesca is beautiful, brazen and relentless in her pursuit but can she overcome her old-fashioned upbringing to exist in the dark underworld?


Shana Bradley has adored Governor Don Tatum since he took office and she will do anything to get close to him.  From manipulation, seduction, kipnapping and even murder, Shana always gets what she wants.