Chocolate Fest & Book Faire

I am a participating author in this year’s Chocolate Fest and Book Faire in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Come join in the weekend of festivities, including chocolate martinis and chocolate and wine pairing on Friday night, then the chocolate walk and book signings on Saturday.  I will be in front of the Shenandoah Hotel on North Queen from 10 to 4 and I look forward to seeing you all.  Happy reading!


Mother Condemned

As with Bleeding PantherMother Condemned will soon be available on ebook!  It can be found on Amazon, ibook and other online outlets.

Though I have always been a fan of printed books for the touch and smell of them (and probably the old school value, too), I do realize that the digital age calls for a convenient and less expensive way to read so, for that reason, I have acquiesced to your requests for ebook versions of my stories.

I hope that you will all enjoy them and, as always, happy reading!

Bleeding Panther

I am excited to announce that, finally, Bleeding Panther is coming out as an ebook!  Though I have always preferred my novels to be the old school printed versions, I do recognize that our society of readers, in majority, are leaning toward the convenience of ebooks, so this is something that I have wanted to do for some time now.

I hope you all enjoy and, as always, happy reading!

Merry Christmas

Here I sit, on Christmas Eve, counting my many blessings.  I have my husband and our children, our parents and friends, our home, good jobs, our health and my passion for writing.  I probably don’t deserve any of it, but I’m so grateful to have had another wonderful year of love and laughter.  It hasn’t always been this way.

Tonight, as I write this by the light of my gold-trimmed Christmas tree and my pug snoring in her bed next to me, I think about those who can’t be with their loved ones, like the men and women in our military who are stationed overseas, or those who may have been disowned by their families. I think of those who are homeless or fighting addictions and those who are ill or otherwise lost.  I pray for those who need it, like the 18 year old boy that my son played baseball with who, home visiting from college for the holidays, was in a horrible car wreck and fighting for his life, and I pray for my friend who will spend her Christmas in the hospital where her mother has spent the last couple of weeks.  It all makes me even more appreciative of my blessings.

As we near the end of 2016, I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the upcoming new year.  May you be as blessed as I am, and may you have love and laughter in all of your days.



Hello and welcome to my blog.  What would a blog be without first thanking my visitors, readers and fellow writers.  A huge and sincere thanks goes out to all of you.  I appreciate your support.

As a “starving artist”, as I’ve heard people like myself commonly referred to, every single reader and reviewer is an enormous asset.  So often, writers, singers, painters and other artists pour countless hours of soul-bearing, excruciating effort into what we do, only to face a mound of rejection letters and emails.  At times, it’s difficult to understand why we keep pursuing our talent, and the self-doubt overrides so much of the creativity, but it’s the passion that truly drives us, the passion of producing what we love, what keeps us dreaming and, well, breathing.  It’s that one person who compliments our work and tells us how much enjoyment we’ve given them through it.  It’s the person who is anxious to see more of what we do, and it’s the person who is as proud of us as we are, who appreciates not only the words, but the long hours, the editing and re-reading, the self-criticism and the pain of experiencing what our characters must go through for entertainment purposes.

My goal as a writer is to offer you an escape from your bustling life full of schedules, work, chores and stress, taking you someplace else as you read, meeting other people and even feeling what you might not want to.  I want you to remember my stories long after you’ve read them and feel that they have impacted you and, if I can do that, I’ve become a successful author.