Socially Yours

Today I reached 600 followers on Twitter, just a drop in the bucket for many of you who have reached hundreds, even thousands of followers but, for me, still a huge accomplishment since I’m not one to reach out for them.  I have never met the majority of them but have, somehow, captured their interest to follow me and my small, insignificant tweets about my novels, my day or simply random quotes from other authors, and I enjoy following them, as well.  I don’t miss a day without checking in with my Twitter friends.

On Linked In, I have managed to connect with more than 2,300 truly incredible people who I also follow regularly.  Many of them are literary agents, other authors and even film and movie producers.  Some are already living my dream and I find myself eager to scroll through each day’s photos, memes and updates from them to follow their goals, hurdles and adventures.  I am inspired by them, the experiences they’ve had, the exotic places they’ve been, their successes in life and they manage to get me through the days that I just want to give up on my dream of being a full-time writer/author.  They show me that it is all still possible with faith and hard work.

Even Facebook and Instagram keep my curiosity and interest with the photos, memes and updates about the lives of my social media friends.  Even when life gets busy and we don’t seem to have the time to keep in touch with one another, we know that we can all just sign in and see how each’s lives are progressing.

Social media has become a great tool for socializing and networking, and it seems to lend us the bravery that we might not normally have to put our lives so nakedly out there to others, expressing our feelings and opinions, telling jokes and encouraging our connections.  It allows us to reconnect with those we haven’t seen since high school, hear how another’s week has been while learning about their triumphs and failures, their joy and their sadness.  It allows us the courage to speak to people that we might, otherwise, not talk to face to face and this is why we all love it so much.  For me, it has granted a platform for advertising my passion of writing, my novels.  It lends me a way of sort of “tooting my own horn” which, in daily conversations would seem like endless bragging.  A large part of being an author is selling oneself, but it is uncomfortable for someone like me to do that without feeling like I’m fluffing my ego.  That is never how I want to come across so how do I sell myself, my books, without doing that?  This is why social media is such a wonderful thing.  I’m old enough to remember not having the internet so I am eager to see what the future of social media will become.



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