Hello and welcome to my blog.  What would a blog be without first thanking my visitors, readers and fellow writers.  A huge and sincere thanks goes out to all of you.  I appreciate your support.

As a “starving artist”, as I’ve heard people like myself commonly referred to, every single reader and reviewer is an enormous asset.  So often, writers, singers, painters and other artists pour countless hours of soul-bearing, excruciating effort into what we do, only to face a mound of rejection letters and emails.  At times, it’s difficult to understand why we keep pursuing our talent, and the self-doubt overrides so much of the creativity, but it’s the passion that truly drives us, the passion of producing what we love, what keeps us dreaming and, well, breathing.  It’s that one person who compliments our work and tells us how much enjoyment we’ve given them through it.  It’s the person who is anxious to see more of what we do, and it’s the person who is as proud of us as we are, who appreciates not only the words, but the long hours, the editing and re-reading, the self-criticism and the pain of experiencing what our characters must go through for entertainment purposes.

My goal as a writer is to offer you an escape from your bustling life full of schedules, work, chores and stress, taking you someplace else as you read, meeting other people and even feeling what you might not want to.  I want you to remember my stories long after you’ve read them and feel that they have impacted you and, if I can do that, I’ve become a successful author.



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