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Jodi Clark discovered her passion for writing at the age of twelve during an English class assignment.  She began writing poetry and had several published in Cherished Poems of the Western World and various other anthologies.  Jodi spent the next several years writing and publishing short stories, such as “Courtney” and “Miracle at Thanksgiving” before penning her first novel, a non-fiction story that she never sought to publish.

In 2008, she published The Disappearance of Benny, followed by Aiding Revenge and Matriarca before re-releasing Mother Condemned, a revision of The Disappearance of Benny.  Her latest novel, Bleeding Panther, has received high accolades from reviewers with four and five stars.

“My passion for the literary arts has never waivered.  I value my readers and their feedback because it makes me a better writer for them.  I strive to give my fans an escape and captivate them with my stories.  If I’ve done that, then I’ve succeeded as a writer.  That is my kind of success.”  – Jodi Clark

Jodi Clark’s novels are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online outlets.



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